Q.What makes the active ingredient in Syn-Ake so powerful?

Syn®-Ake is a peptide similar to those found in snake venom. The peptide works by freezing the facial muscle and smoothing the skin on your face. Like snake venom, it freezes the muscle tissue directly beneath the wrinkle and relaxes the tissue. The wrinkle can then absorb the active ingredients, which moisturize, firm up and tone your skin so that the wrinkles shrink and fade.

Q.How can the fragrance in the VENOIA product range be described?

Top notes (those that are detected immediately and are most volatile): slightly citrus (lemon), a “fresh” scent (ozonic fresh green).

Middle notes (those that form the main body of the fragrance and last several hours): floral (geranium) and menthol.

Base notes (those that last long after the fragrance is applied and can remain on clothing for months): floral (rose and hyacinth).

Q.Does VENOIA Cream contain UV filters?

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is one of the causes of skin cancer, so our cream contains UV filters. IMPORTANT: VENOIA Cream is not a sunscreen. In strong sunlight, it is essential to use suitable protection (sunscreen).

Q.Is VENOIA Cream paraben free?

Parabens are controversial ingredients because they may cause allergies and even cancer. That’s why we state that our products do NOT contain parabens and have also undergone dermatological testing to prevent allergic reactions.

Q.Has the VENOIA product range been tested on animals?

No. Animal testing is never carried out during the development of our products.

Q.When will I start seeing results?

Within a few days, your skin will be smoother and your wrinkles will have started to fade. After a month of use, you will see the desired results: smoother skin and a reduction in expression lines and wrinkles.

Q.How does the VENOIA range differ from other products on the market?

Thanks to its active ingredient, Syn®-Ake (winner of the Swiss Technology Award),VENOIA Cream is a clinically proven anti-wrinkle treatment. In addition to the cream, there is an entire range available (Face Serum, Serum for Sensitive Areas, Cleansing Water, Face Mask and Exfoliant) so you can cleanse and prepare your skin to maximize the effects of the treatments (serums) and the cream, and thus take the best possible care of your skin.

Q.Can I use the cream in the morning and at night?

Of course. We recommend that you use the cream twice a day on thoroughly cleansed skin to maximize its effectiveness.

Q.I have sensitive skin. Can I use the VENOIA product range?

Absolutely. The whole range has undergone dermatological testing with excellent results on all skin types.




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